The Spirit of the Greenwood

Stephanie Scofield

The first book of The Elements quintet

(suitable for children/adults 12 years and upwards)

Owen Shepherd’s lonely existence on an isolated island comes to an end when he and his mother move to Cornwall. He hopes for a more normal life with friends his own age, but it soon becomes clear that this is not to be when on Midsummer’s Day, Owen’s 12th birthday, he receives a mysterious key; a key which leads him on a journey into a world of magic and intrigue.

Meanwhile the world is rocked by a series of bizarre natural disasters. But are they entirely natural? Is there a link between Owen’s key and the fate of the world?

Published October 2008; 210 pp. ISBN 978-0-9545786-4-0. Price: £6.99. Low low price for Kindle from Amazon or EPub as download here


Kathleen Smith

An Inspiration! This book is an excellent read, a welcome change from Tolkein and J K Rowling with a unique, inspiring quality of it's own aimed at 12 year upwards but still an excellent read for the adults. It is well researched, imaginatively written and full of topical environmental messages for all ages, and exciting enough to keep every age of reader glued to discover the outcome. It is also very cleverly set up for the next 4 adventures which I hope will emerge before long!
A great family read for Christmas, I had to wait my turn to read it as my 15 and 11 year olds couldn't put it down.

Graham (London)

The 'Elements' quintet traces Owen Shepherd's odyssey to save the spirit of the Earth from destruction. Weaving together myth and magic against a back-cloth of contemporary themes, Scofield's books offer childlike delight seasoned with humorous glances at the adult world.
Owen steps into a fantasy of lore and symbols rooted in Celtic popular myth, but he ultimately triumphs in his essentially human curiosity, optimism, kindness and love for the planet. Here are meaningful lessons sugar-coated for easy digestion.
The prose is lucid and easily understood by young and non-native readers alike. Still, Scofield's rich vocabulary affords satisfying learning for the more curious.


Sharon Howe

In this trio of novels Stephanie Scofield appears to have invented a new genre of 'Green Fantasy' for children. Aimed at readers of 12 and above, the books combine a world of elemental magic with a strong environmental message - the eco-campaigner's answer to J. K. Rowling, you might say. Though not overtly 'animal-rightsy', the stories reflect the author's concern for our fellow creatures and highlight the importance of living in harmony with nature and behaving responsibly towards the planet. The tone is not at all didactic, however. On the contrary, these are absorbing, page-turning stories, full of the stuff of childhood imagination: a mysterious key, given to the hero Owen on his 12th birthday; a perilous journey through enchanted worlds populated by all manner of spirits, both good and bad; and the irresistible allure of spells, riddles and secret codes. In the first three published novels, Owen's quest to save the world from impending ecological disaster takes him to the realms of Wood, Water and Earth. With the last two instalments - Air and Fire - still to come in this planned quintet of adventure books, young readers will be eager to find out whether he succeeds in thwarting the likes of Megaco, with its plastic Super-Trees, and reawakening the true spirit of the Earth.

V. Rhodes "jinn" (Vallejo, California USA

5.0 out of 5 stars - am waiting for this book to become available in this country, January 26, 2010.

I was introduced to this author and this series through some friends in England. It is available on the site but not here in the states. I hope it comes to us soon as the first book in the series, The Elements. It's pure magic for 12 and up. Adults like it, too, at least I did.
A Quote from her facebook page: "Imagine an Elemental Prince more ancient than the Earth herself, a conspiracy older than the Grail, a World depending on one boy and the wisdom and magic of our forebears to save it from destruction... Welcome to The Elements!"
I hope this gifted writer comes to our shores soon.


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